I ate the wrong burrito!

Last week I brought home a couple of burritos for lunch. I opened mine, put on lots of hot sauce and started eating. My daughter took hers upstairs to eat in her room. As I took my last bite, she came down the stairs asking if our burritos got switched. It dawned on me I had eaten the wrong one, the one without the meat and heat. I hadn’t remembered or noticed mine was supposed to be the other one, just ate it without thinking.

How much do we do without thinking? Sometimes it’s because we’ve always done it that way, or because our moms did it a certain way. How many beliefs do we hold without really thinking about them? Like believing Jesus had to die because his Father was angry? Or believing God won’t love or forgive us unless we live up to his impossibly high standards? How many times do we sing the same songs in church without really thinking about the words?

A lot of people think Christians check their brains at the door of a church. They think we’ve been brainwashed or that we drank the Kool-Aid. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you stop thinking – it means thinking even more, about who God is, why we’re here, how we relate to him and our fellow humans. It means becoming more thoughtful and more appreciative of life and all it brings.

We got burritos again a few days later and I’m happy to report I ate the right one – I did some thinking first.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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