Learn, grow, change

When I first started working out to my favorite exercise DVD, I had to practice the moves over and over to get them right. I would watch the leader and adjust my movements if I realized I was doing something incorrectly. Like a lot of people who begin exercise programs, I stopped. Well, you know how it is, I took some trips, went through a bout with bronchitis and just never got back to it. If you’ve read my other posts from this year, you know I started up again. At my age, exercise isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. So when I began that same routine, I had to start slowly and work up to speed. I noticed I had to adjust all over again to certain movements, as I had forgotten exactly what to do.

In our spiritual lives, we sometimes have to do the same thing – adjust our ideas and behavior when we discover we’re doing something wrong. The other day I snapped at someone. I didn’t stop to think before opening my mouth and immediately regretted it. But I realized it was a good thing in that it helped me make some adjustments. Sometimes we have to make adjustments in how we look at verses in the Bible too – we can think we know what they say and/or mean, but we have to be open to new understanding from the Holy Spirit who teaches and leads us into all Truth – to Jesus, who is Truth.

Being a believer doesn’t necessarily mean we have everything figured out. Reading the Bible once or even a hundred times doesn’t make us experts. We are told to grow in grace and knowledge, which makes me think we should be careful not to think we know everything. Learning is an open ended, lifelong process. There are times we must let go of what we think is set-in-stone understanding and be open to the Holy Spirit and how he wants us to grow. There’s no DVD to follow, but there is a Shepherd to follow and he does know everything.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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