Wit & Wisdom, part 2

During one of the exercises, Tony says he doesn’t use weights even though he could because he wants to be like us. If he did I might be intimidated. And it’s true, I don’t use weights – the routine is hard enough, at least so far.

Jesus came to earth to be like us. He was God but he was also fully human (hard to understand but true). One of my favorite places in the Bible is Philippians 2 that says even though Jesus was God he didn’t hold on to being God. He became a human, with all that goes with it.

When Jesus was arrested, Peter tried to come to his defense by cutting off the ear of a guard. As he healed the ear, Jesus said he could have called legions of angels at any time but he didn’t. He could have blown everyone away with just a breath, but he humbled himself, submitting to the human experience, including death. He gave us the perfect example of living in the Spirit and being empowered by the Spirit while being completely human. Jesus showed us the way to live in total trust and dependence on his Father. What an amazing thing he did, when he emptied himself of his divinity to be just like us.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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