Tony is always saying “You can do it!” During one of the ab exercises, he says: “You can do it and if you can’t, we all can tell!” Too true – this is a difficult exercise and I feel stronger as I do more reps.

Sometimes when we don’t spend enough time alone with God, everyone can tell. We have less patience, love and kindness, among other things. After Moses had spent time with God, his face glowed. I’m sure my face has never glowed after time with him, but I know my patience level is often higher, and there’s evidence of other fruit of the Spirit too. Communion with God aligns our will with his and helps us focus on what’s important. It helps us be more responsive to the Holy Spirit and gives us a different perspective.

Jesus said we are to let our light shine. Spending time with him is the best way to keep it bright. If you don’t, we all can tell!