Wit & Wisdom, part 5

At the end of the workout, we do stretches. One very enjoyable stretch puts me on the floor, on my knees with my arms stretched out in front. Tony says: “You can pray now – thank God it’s over!” I always come back with: Thank God I can still do this! I think of my ability to exercise and move freely as a big blessing.

Many dread exercise and either avoid it or just get through it, believing it to be a necessary evil. It can be the same with life – it’s normal to wish for the hard parts to be over quickly, especially when we or our loved ones suffer. But life is short and I remember my mom telling me not to wish my life away. One of my favorite movie lines is from Steel Magnolias: that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Being thankful, even in and through the hard parts of life, makes life richer and stronger. Let’s wait to say thank God it’s over for the very end, when we cross the finish line and win the race.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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