Conferences and castles

During the last weekend of May and the first weekend of June, I had the privilege of attending two women’s conferences, one in Germany and the other in England. Both conferences were a lot of fun, partly because of my wonderful traveling companion – my daughter.

In Germany, we stayed at a cute little place called the Biebertal Hotel, which means beaver tail. On the middle day we toured the incredibly beautiful countryside. Rolling hills, lush green forests and quaint villages met us at every turn. The day ended with a barefoot walk. The trail is filled with different surfaces and textures to stimulate and challenge the feet. I made it through the whole walk, but must admit to not finishing some of the more painful surfaces. It ended with a cold water bath. I was so happy to put on my warm, dry socks and shoes!

We also toured a couple of castles. They are everywhere. Some are abandoned, some still used as private residences and some are open for tours. We saw weapons, armor, very old furniture and kitchen implements. One castle had quite a few indoor toilets, which was surprising to me. I knew about chamber pots, but had no idea the nobility, at least in Germany, had indoor facilities.

Here are a few photos from the Germany trip:

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