Conferences and Castles, part 2

For the conference in England, we stayed at a conference center called High Leigh. The weather was really nice for most of the weekend and we enjoyed walking the grounds the first day. The middle day was full of singing God’s praises, presentations, breakout sessions, a fun game in the evening and of course, many cups of tea.

I earned my keep (at both conferences) by presenting two plenary sessions and a workshop which I gave twice (all three were plenary in Germany). My topics were The Trinity – what difference does it make?; Our Relationship with God and Prayer Outside the Box (workshop). And of course, they got me up to play Bible charades. I’m not very good at it, but at least everyone figured out what our team was trying to depict.

We had planned to tour castles there too, but were disappointed to learn most of them are only open from Wednesdays to Sundays. Unfortunately our only two days for sightseeing were Monday and Tuesday. We still went to two castles, but had to be content to walk the grounds and see the outsides. Following are some photos from the England trip:


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