At a convention I attended, the “prize patrol” gave away prizes to people with a certain color wristband. I didn’t win anything, but of course hoped I would be one of the lucky ones. Everyone wanted to win. We all clapped for each other while wishing we were the ones to receive the prizes.

Aren’t we all like that? Don’t we all want to be winners? In this life, that just doesn’t happen. Only some get to feel the excitement of winning. That’s what I love about God. In his eyes and in his economy, we are all winners. We are his beloved children, and we will all get to spend eternity with him if we just believe. He doesn’t withhold good from anyone who seeks him. He lets the rain fall on the just and the unjust, so even those who aren’t seeking him receive his blessings.

If you don’t feel like much of a winner, just turn your eyes to Jesus. With him, we’re all winners. What a wonderful God!