God makes our love grow

“And may the Lord make your love for one another and for all people grow and overflow, just as our love for you overflows” (1 Thessalonians 3:12, NLT).

When Christians aren’t loving, many people see them as hypocritical. After all, if you’re a Christian, aren’t you supposed to be full of love for others all the time? The truth is, Christians are just like everyone else – they have bad days, times when they feel like kicking the cat and moments of anger. They get down and they get frustrated.

The difference is Christians have help. We don’t have to rely on ourselves to work up love for others and then feel guilty when we can’t. God puts the love in our hearts and he’s the one who makes it grow. Because he is love and he lives in us, it’s his love that overflows from us as we yield to and are led by his Spirit.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

One thought on “God makes our love grow”

  1. I have also found that when God is the direct source of love, that it has real depth to it. It’s easy to fake “loving” others, often with alterior motives. And because many people have been recipients of that kind of love, they become suspicious of anyone who shows love to them. Thankfully, when God gives us His love to love others, it is minus alterior motives, and has real depth.

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