“He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen” (Matthew 28:6a, NLT).

At various times, Hollywood has been fascinated with movies depicting bringing people back from the dead: Frankenstein, zombies, vampires all took their turn at center stage. They never quite got it right, as the creatures were mangled, grotesque or perverted in their humanity.

Only one man has ever truly come back from the dead and when he did, it was not with a mangled, grotesque body, but a wonderfully transformed, glorified one. The resurrection of Christ is still the most exciting and pivotal event in all of human history. No movie could ever do it justice. It’s even more amazing because Jesus was God at the same time as being human and it was his power as God that raised him from the dead. As we celebrate this incredible and essential-to-our-salvation event, let’s remember he’s right here with us, participating in our lives as we participate in his life with the Father and the Spirit.