Nigeria Celebrity/Film actress Hilda Dokubo cr...“And God will wipe every tear from their eyes” (Revelation 7:17, NLT).

Crying happens for many reasons: deep sorrow, loneliness, sickness and pain to happy occasions, such as weddings and the birth of babies. It comes in many forms: heart wrenching sobs, quiet weeping, silent tears. Jesus wept too. He shed tears of grief on more than one occasion. He understands why we cry and cries right along with us today.

There is way too much crying in the world. God is not immune to our tears and though they are precious to him, so much that he keeps them in a bottle, one day he will wipe them away. The verb cry will have a new definition: to make a joyful sound of worship and adoration of the only one willing and able to make tears and crying a thing of the past.