“The Lord cares deeply when his loved ones die” (Psalm 116:15, NLT).

We don’t like to think about death, but we are reminded of it every day. Whether it’s the passing of a friend or family member, hearing of a celebrity’s death on the news or merely driving by a cemetery, the fleeting nature of life is constantly before us. Even so, we like to think of our own death as far off in the future.

Even though God is the one who put the life/death cycle in motion, he is not unmoved by death. Jesus wept when his friend died and he compassionately gave life back to him and others. The biggest proof God cares is the cross: Jesus experienced death for us and in doing so, took away its power over us. Because the enemy of death has been conquered, rather than fear or dread it, we can calmly accept it as the door to eternity.