“My Father is always working, and so am I” (John 5:17, NLT).

Sometimes it seems as if God is away on vacation—people wonder where is he when I need him? Where is he when all the bad things happen and he doesn’t come to the rescue? It’s hard not to want instant answers. We all want the SWAT team to show up just in time to avert disaster. Even though God is our refuge and our rescuer, we often misunderstand how he works in our lives and assume if he doesn’t fix everything for us that he must be away from his desk or he just doesn’t care.

Jesus assures us God is always working, but just as a child can misunderstand why a parent makes certain decisions that might seem unfair, we often don’t grasp what God is doing in our lives. His purposes are overarching and his perspective is long-term. He also works from the inside out, the evidence of which can take a long time to become visible. God isn’t on vacation. His work is ongoing, sometimes unseen, sometimes incomprehensible, always motivated by love.