God is glorious

“Who is like you among the gods, O LORD—glorious in holiness, awesome in splendor, performing great wonders?” (Exodus 15:11, NLT).

My main focus on this blog is to talk about and discover who God really is. I’ve tried to find verses that describe him, which means I’ve used a variety of words to do this, but sometimes those words have seemed inadequate. Describing and defining God is like looking at the brilliant night sky and trying to tell a blind person how marvelous it is. There really are no words. It has to be seen, felt and simply absorbed.

Glorious in holiness, awesome in splendor, performing great wonders—wonderful words, but until a person sees God with their deepest heart, feels his power and grace in his or her life and absorbs his love, these words will remain meaningless and inadequate. Once that happens, the words take on a whole new meaning, just as the reality and presence of the most amazing being in the universe will become too much for words. There truly is no one like him.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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