God gives power to small cogs

“He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless” (Isaiah 40:29, NLT).

English: An Old clock with cogs

Many events and circumstances in life can make us feel weak and powerless. It’s tough to keep working and trying when it seems nothing you do makes any difference or if you feel you are just a small cog in a large wheel. But even small cogs have their purpose and are needed. A weak or broken one can bring the whole machine to a grinding halt.

God, who made each one of us unique, also gives us purpose and significance simply because we are made in his image. We find our significance in him, by being in Christ and being led by the Spirit. He doesn’t expect us to be strong all the time, but he does want us to keep our eyes on him and trust him to give us power when we are weak and strengthen us when we are powerless. We can always lean on our strong, powerful, caring God to keep even us little cogs from falling by the wayside.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

5 thoughts on “God gives power to small cogs”

  1. Hi Tammy, thanks for sending this today. I have been really struggling with keeping my spirit up this year as I have been let down in many ways, many losses which previously in my strength of my character I never used to see a loss as a loss. I miss a lot of beautiful, important people who have passed over in my life and I’m struggling to cope without them. My own health has deteriorated after 9 years of giving care to two of my loved ones and now they are gone I feel very alone. With fibromyalgia I have no energy to work and am quite poor. I wonder what sometimes my God is trying to teach me? Maybe to cop it on the chin as it being a loss, but for me to be okay with this because it is not who I am. I know on a theoretical level that when I feel weak and down it is because these factors external to me have brought me to that level and that it is not who I am being judged as a person. Yet, I am still so very tired trying, failing so many times that I’m not sure what to do to overcome it. I have found a GCI congregation close to me in Ballarat I hope to go along and meet with others also finding their way in Christianity as spiritual beings, but without denominational dogmatism that got me bogged down in the past. I just want to know the Truth, the words of God and Jesus Christ as His son and not the religious politics. I have searched into Christianity after being a Christian Spiritual for a few years and I think this could be my vehicle to commune with like-minded Christian people, at least I hope so. Thanks again for your timely message.

  2. Hi Kerryn,
    I’m sorry to hear of all your trials, but glad my post was encouraging to you. I hope you find some brothers and sisters in Ballarat who can help you along the way.
    Love and prayers,

  3. Thanks Tammy, I appreciate the support. Keep up the wonderful inspiring messages. Love and Light to you too. Kerryn

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