“He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless” (Isaiah 40:29, NLT).

English: An Old clock with cogs

Many events and circumstances in life can make us feel weak and powerless. It’s tough to keep working and trying when it seems nothing you do makes any difference or if you feel you are just a small cog in a large wheel. But even small cogs have their purpose and are needed. A weak or broken one can bring the whole machine to a grinding halt.

God, who made each one of us unique, also gives us purpose and significance simply because we are made in his image. We find our significance in him, by being in Christ and being led by the Spirit. He doesn’t expect us to be strong all the time, but he does want us to keep our eyes on him and trust him to give us power when we are weak and strengthen us when we are powerless. We can always lean on our strong, powerful, caring God to keep even us little cogs from falling by the wayside.