“He renews my strength” (Psalm 23:3a, NLT).

English: This is an empty can of Vixen Foxberr...If you’re tired and feeling sluggish, down a few ounces of a super-caffeinated energy drink and you’re good to go—until it wears off. I can’t even drink coffee, so I’ve stayed away from them. I suppose for those who don’t get enough sleep, the drinks might be helpful, but it seems dumping too much caffeine in your system could have some negative effects, especially long term. Adequate sleep, exercise and healthy food are a better alternative.

Energy drinks and a healthy lifestyle aren’t enough when we experience fatigue in our spirits. Nothing in this world helps for much longer than a caffeine high. Only God, who has and is boundless energy, can renew us on the inside and give us what no energy drink ever could—his own empowering, motivating, life-giving Spirit. Living water doesn’t come in a can and can’t be bought. It’s free, available to all and can be found as we rest in the green meadow of his presence, beside the peaceful stream of his love and grace.