Words Matter

God is often misunderstood and portrayed as someone he’s not. Because we as Christians have been commissioned to tell others about Jesus and his Father, it’s important to be careful what we say about him and how we say it. Sometimes I hear phrases used by Christian authors and speakers that make me wonder if they give any thought as to how others may think of God (and us too) when they hear such things. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be examining some of these phrases.

Let’s look at what is often prayed at the beginning of a praise service. It goes something like this: “Lord, we invite your presence here as we sing praises.” I’ve even heard the worship leader invite God into the congregation’s presence, which distracted me so much I almost couldn’t sing.

I’m sure the praise leader didn’t mean to give the impression God was outside waiting to be invited in. We obviously don’t have to invite God into our presence. He is always with us. But why not open with a more meaningful prayer, such as thank you Lord, for always being with us. May our songs of praise be a sweet fragrance to you.

One could argue this is just semantics, but words do matter. How we talk about God matters.

Next week: Unleashing God’s Power

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

One thought on “Words Matter”

  1. I usually try to thank God for allowing us to gather together in his presence. Reminding us that wherever we are he is because we are in him and he is in us.

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