Influenced or Influencing?

A recent development in the social media world is the abundance of influencers. Some of them have many followers, who apparently pay a lot of attention to what they say. Historically, someone who has influence over others has been admired for their character, wisdom or expertise. On social media, it seems anyone can be an influencer and all they need is a cute face or a gimmick. I couldn’t name a single social media influencer and no offense, but I’m not interested in letting these people sway me to do or think anything they recommend. I prefer to think for myself.

But there is one influencer I listen to and I think you know where I’m going with this. Jesus was and is the greatest influencer of all time and up until recently, his impact spread without the help of the Internet. His followers enthusiastically spread word of his love, compassion, compelling teachings and of course, his resurrection. They weren’t afraid to say his name or talk about how wonderful he was.

Today, we may not be afraid t,o mention his name, but in many places, we aren’t allowed to talk about him. We can still be influencers for Jesus by the way we treat people. We can be patient and kind, helpful and cheerful, selfless and giving. We can be peacemakers and peace-spreaders, and in this way, be real influencers in this sad, unkind world.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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