What’s on your mind?

A lot of things compete for our attention. We are probably more distracted in 2019 than people have ever been. Our minds often flit from one thing to another throughout the day. If you were asked to catalog how many minutes you spend on each thing you have to think about, would you be able to mark more than 10 minutes on any one thing?

What is on our minds and what we spend time thinking about determines, in large part, the direction of our lives. Those who think about money or fame go in that direction. Those who think about themselves most of the time will naturally be involved in what they want and what pleases them.

Keeping our eyes on Jesus means he is our focus; he is the main thing on our minds, all day, every day. This takes a bit of effort, considering all the distractions we face. But if we make ourselves aware of this, set our minds every morning to turn our thoughts to Jesus several times every hour and pray before every task, we’ll be well on the way to including him in all aspects of our day.

As Brother Laurence said, “The most holy and important practice in the spiritual life is the presence of God – that is, every moment to take great pleasure that God is with you.”

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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