What of It?

We all deal with problems differently. Some internalize, some vocalize, some throw things. Some shrug their shoulders and say, whatever. I rarely use that term as I’ve realized it’s not healthy for me. It feels like a cop-out and doesn’t make me feel better. If it’s directed at a person, it can be dismissive. Whatever; just go away and don’t bother me.

In a book of interview transcripts published by Grace Communion International, Trinitarian Conversations, Volume 1: Interviews with Twelve Theologians (You’re Included), Gerrit Dawson referred to this statement from a sermon by John Calvin: “This world is filled with troubles and the devils assault us at every moment, but what of it? Christ Jesus reigns in heaven and sends me his power now. This world is full of temptations and often I am weak, but what of it? Christ is in heaven and he is strong and he is strong on my behalf.”

Dawson commented: “I think when we realize that we can replace the ‘whatever’ (what people like to say to detach from something they don’t like that happens to them) or even the crushingness of life with the ‘what of it? No matter what is thrown my way, Christ reigns and he holds me, then I know at the deepest levels all is well and all will be well.’”

This is a good reminder to turn to Jesus instead of detaching or checking out of life. Saying what of it in difficult circumstances helps me remain unfazed as I stay in the loving embrace of Jesus.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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