Myths and Mistruths

We human beings have a lot of strange ideas about God, including:

He wants to be praised and adored (big ego);
He becomes quite put out when people don’t obey him;
He has temper tantrums, bringing death and destruction to those who wrong him;
He watches everyone and everything, tallying offenses and keeping track of who obeys;
He rarely gets involved in human matters, lets most prayers go unanswered and doesn’t seem to be bothered by human suffering;
He’s a bit fickle and can change his mind for no apparent reason.

If these traits seem familiar, just think back to stories of ancient Greek and Roman gods. We still suffer under their delusions and superstitions. But God isn’t like this. We need to be on guard against these old ideas that still contaminate our view of him and his love, mercy and grace. We even need to be careful when reading the Bible, that we don’t interpret it through mythological lenses. Let only Jesus reveal the Father, not old stories and half-truths.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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