Seeing Jesus in Each Other

When I arrived at college, I became aware of a concept called yellow pencils, meaning we were expected to conform to certain standards, even to look, act and talk alike. But one of the interesting things about humanity is each of us is different. That’s saying a lot as there are almost eight billion of us on this planet. Our fingerprints, voices, DNA – every one of us is unique. We students obviously weren’t the same and some even seemed to take delight in their non-conformity. God must appreciate our individuality as he designed us that way. His expectation has never been for us to be yellow pencils.

It stands to reason then, that he wouldn’t expect all Christians to be the same either. Perhaps, as a friend once said, Jesus shows a different aspect of himself in each of us. He is so complex and multi-faceted, he could let each of us reflect a unique part of him so when we are together and unified as a body, we collectively reflect Jesus.

We talk about celebrating our differences but sometimes we still hang onto the yellow pencil effect, I guess because it can feel safer. But we really do need to appreciate not just our uniqueness, but the unique reflections of Jesus in each other.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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