Keeping It Fresh

I don’t know about you, but around here, every day seems pretty much the same as the one before. It’s like someone said, maybe we should bring back underwear embroidered with the days of the week, so we know what day it is. I don’t have undies like that, but we have established a routine of having the same meals each week: Taco Tuesday, Fish Wednesday and Pizza Thursday. It gives us a routine and something to look forward to. My husband makes most of our lunches, but I’m in charge on pizza day. We all love my sourdough crust.

It can be difficult to keep time with God from feeling the same every day too. It’s important to try to keep it fresh, continuing to learn, grow and know God better every day. This quotation from Bill Volkman (in the book, Spiritual Disciplines Companion by Jan Johnson) gave me a shot in the arm so to speak: “The longer I walk in faith and acknowledge my beloved Spouse by waiting on Him in silence, the more I ‘hear’ Him and sense His leading in the details of everyday life. Now, instead of agonizing over every situation, I rest in Him, aware of his involvement in the myriad of daily decisions, and excited beyond imagination about each new day as it unfolds.”

“Excited beyond imagination” – what a way to begin each day. I must admit, I rarely feel that excited, but thinking about who God is, how he interacts with us and his desire for union and communion with us, truly is something to be energized and enthusiastic about. It’s more exciting even than homemade sourdough crust pizza.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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