Not Hearing Anything

Sitting here at my computer, looking at this white space on the screen, I had no idea what to write for my blog today. And again, I’ve waited until the last minute of my self-imposed deadline of posting every Tuesday. It is in fact, a few hours past my other self-imposed deadline of posting at 1:15 every Tuesday. It’s not like I haven’t been thinking and praying all week about something to write, it’s just that nothing is coming.

“Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” But sometimes he doesn’t speak. So here I sit, writing about nothing. I once told a friend I would write even if I had nothing to say. That day has arrived.

This does lead to the thought that even though we ask, hope and want God to speak to us, sometimes he is quiet, or possibly he’s whispering so softly I can’t hear him. Or maybe I’ve been too distracted to really listen. Or maybe he’s giving me more time to figure things out for myself. Whatever the reason, I’m not hearing him. And I guess that’s OK. I’ll keep asking and trying to listen. I know I’ll get the message eventually, because he’s too good to leave me hanging for long.


Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

3 thoughts on “Not Hearing Anything”

  1. No need to guess. It’s definitely ok not to hear God sometimes. This is only a reflection of His sovereignty . We cannot make Him do anything but we can be confident whatever He does is for our good. As the good Father that He is, He speaks to us frequently. The problem is we do not recognise His voice or His ways of communicating to us. Learning this takes time, and experience and failure to get it right in the early stages. I don’t see Him whispering so softly we cannot hear Him but more that our ears are blocked or defective or perhaps we are not paying attention. So let us pray that Christ speaks to us “Ephphatha ” be open, as in Mark 7:34 and be attentive.
    What to do when He is silent? Stay with God in the silence. The episodes of silence can deepen our hearing and anticipation, so that we truly fall in love with God as He is and not the feeling of loving God. To practice sitting in silence with God is an amazing spiritual discipline that draws us to the very heart of God and transforms our very being. It is also called Centering Prayer or Comtemplative prayer, cultivating silence and centering entirely on the presence of the Loving Almighty God.

  2. It’s truly OK not to hear from God and just be in that silence. It doesn’t mean He is absent or not communicating. For one, His silence tells us of His sovereignty, that we cannot make Him do anything, even speak. But we are confident that whatever He does is for our good, even His silence. We don’t hear Him not because He whispers too softly but that our ears are defective and we need God to speak “ephphatha” to us – Mark 7:34
    What to do when God is silent? Stay with Him in the silence and just be before Being Himself. This is the great spiritual practice of contemplative or centering prayer where only the presence of God matters and supersedes everything else.

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