Did I Say It’s Easy?

I’ve been thinking about how I said it’s easy to produce the fruit of the Spirit. I’ve decided it’s like everything else when it comes to being a Christian – yes and no, already but not yet, easy but difficult. We are still human and have to deal with our human nature and all that goes along with it.

It’s very encouraging to understand that God plants us in the soil of his love, waters us with the living water of the Holy Spirit and then lets the Son shine his warmth and light on us. But then I remember Paul’s words about wanting to do what is good but doing what is bad. The pull of the flesh is strong and as a friend of mine used to say, even though we walk in the Spirit we are always only one step away from the flesh.

I guess that’s why Paul also said we die daily. Every day, we ask for and rely on God’s grace to give us the will and the strength to continue in this life of already but not yet. We ask for our roots to grow deeper, for the living water to nourish those roots and depend on the light of Jesus to help us stretch up tall and straight in his love. And every day, even though we may not be as patient, kind or loving as we would like, God is still producing his fruit in us, perhaps slowly, maybe even imperceptibly, but it’s growing, nonetheless. No matter what, let’s stay attached to Jesus, holding on to him for dear life, even if it’s by our fingernails.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

One thought on “Did I Say It’s Easy?”

  1. Dear Tammy, I loved these back to back posts.  On the one hand producing fruit is “easy” when we understand how that happens in context of who is doing the producing. But I also loved as it were, “the rest of the story”.  The: ” yes and no, already but not yet, easy but difficult.”  That indeed explains what happens when our human is involved. 

    As I remain in isolation I have found myself going from “highs” — amazing moments with my Abba, to “lows” — about one thing or another, and sometimes all within a few hours of each other.  I am just so very grateful that God understands, even better than I do, what and why that happens. 

    Yes, our Christian life is “easy”, but it can also sometimes feel extremely difficult. 

    Thanks for finding something to share with us every week.  I personally would find that hard! Love you,Trish

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