Loving His Faithfulness

We humans are a fickle bunch. We change our minds as often as the weather. Our loyalties fluctuate over many areas of life, depending on our experiences, feelings, politics, financial situation, age and health. We can’t help it – it’s part of being human, at least it seems to be in this social climate. This makes it hard to depend on anything – people, brands, governments, sometimes even ourselves. Perhaps the contrast between our fickleness and God’s faithfulness is what makes that part of God’s character so attractive.

We can always count on God’s faithfulness. He can’t be anything other than faithful, and as a fickle, sometimes faithless person, I love that about him. I know he will always be true to who he is and true to his word; he will always be on my side and always love me. I never have to doubt his motivation for anything he does (or doesn’t do); I don’t have to worry that if I mess up something, he will blow his top. No walking on eggshells with God. His constant steadfastness is one of the foundations of my life – and I can trust him with my life.

How amazing to know God is as steady as a rock and he will never let me down. His constancy is the one thing I can always depend on – always and forever. 

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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