Knowing God the Son

I was a Christian for many years before I knew Jesus. I had a vague idea who he was but almost everything I thought I knew back then was wrong. I have a much better understanding now but I’m still learning. One of the most important things I’ve learned about him is that not only is he God’s son, he’s God too. He’s the Word, the Creator, the Lion, the Lamb and the Lord of the universe. And he’s so much more. 

I’ve learned something else about him that affects me deeply every time I ponder it – his humility. When he knelt down to wash his disciples’ feet at the last supper, he wasn’t just giving us an example of how to treat others. He was showing us how he thinks of us and treats us, even now. God in the flesh was willing to get down on the floor and wash the dirty feet of his friends. Then he went to the cross to clean our lives of the filth of fallen human nature. 

We still walk in the mud and muck of this life and we still get dirty. Our friend Jesus, who emptied himself to become one of us, continues to empty himself, and in humility, washes our feet. It’s hard for us, just as it was for Peter, to humbly accept his ministrations. But as he also told Peter, if he didn’t let Jesus wash his feet, he could have no part with him (John 13:8). At first, I want to vehemently protest just like Peter, but then dissolve in tears as I picture him kneeling on the floor with water and a towel, looking in my eyes as he cleanses, forgives and loves me – again. 

This is Jesus the Son, the one who stepped out of heaven to come to us in our deepest need – to be accepted, forgiven, cleansed, loved and brought into the circle of life with him, the Father and the Spirit.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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