God Really Sees Us

A lot of people go through life feeling invisible. Sometimes it seems we are just a number and our lives don’t really matter much. This is especially true when dealing with government agencies, but we can also get this impression from doctors (not all of course), sales people and corporations. As Christians, we are sometimes told we are too sinful for God to look at, unless it is through the lens of Jesus’ righteousness. This can give the wrong impression of who God is.

It seems discouraging and even disturbing that God would think of us this way. He created us out of love and even though humanity as a whole turned its back on him, we know that love is still there. God as Father, Son and Spirit, decided before we were ever created to send Jesus as our Savior, knowing ahead of time of our rebellion. He saw us through the eyes of love and died for all, while we were his enemies, steeped in sin and as good as dead. He saw us then, he sees us now and he sees those who don’t yet know him.

In Genesis 16, after Hagar was turned out by Sarai, she had an enlightening encounter with God. Alone in the wilderness, she felt at the end of her rope and was probably preparing to die. But God came to her, told her to return to her mistress and that she was going to have a son. She must have felt amazed and even astonished because from then on, she called him The God Who Sees Me.

He is still the God who sees us, no matter who we are, what we believe or what we think of him. We are not and never have been invisible to God. He sees us as the unique individuals he created. We are known, valued and appreciated by him and he loves us so much he clothes us – his children – in the beautiful robes of Jesus’ righteousness.

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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