In Need of Rescue

I’ve never needed to be rescued from a burning building or been in danger of drowning, but I did experience a rescue of sorts when I broke my arm several years ago. I started walking to an urgent care center about half a mile away, in pain, in my socks and pushing my bike. A nice woman driving an SUV stopped and asked if I needed help. I gratefully accepted a ride. She put my bike in the back, took me to the doctor and even dropped off the bike at my home. I could have made it on my own, but I’ve never forgotten her kindness and the relief I felt at getting some help. 

We know God is our rescuer. David called him Deliverer many times. The name of Jesus means savior or the one who saves or rescues (Matthew 1:21). He has saved us from the misery of sin and death, to be welcomed into his eternal kingdom, which is the most amazing rescue ever. But he also helps us in small ways, letting his mercies rain down on us even in the minutiae of life. Everything about us is important to God because he loves us and he knows everything we experience is an opportunity for trust, love or praise – or all three. 

A greeting card sentiment I’ve used in my handmade cards says: “God is not too great to be concerned with our smallest wishes.” I like this reminder that my life matters to him and he is always ready, willing and able to rescue me in matters large and small. And just as I had to walk for a little way in pain, we all sometimes have to endure a bit of pain before he comes to our aid. That just makes the rescue all the sweeter and the gratitude more heartfelt. What a Savior!

Author: ttkach

Writer, cyclist, paper-crafter, mom, gardener.

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