God’s love is better than life

“Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how I praise you!” (Psalm 63:3, NLT).

English: Digital photograph of Aron Ralston in... When someone is very sick, critically injured, trapped or missing, family members, doctors, rescue personnel all do whatever it takes to help and to save the life of the one in trouble. In the movie 127 Hours, we watched in horrified fascination as an actor portraying Aron Ralston cut off his own arm to rescue himself from being trapped under a rock. It made me wonder if I could do something that desperate to save my own life.

Life is a precious gift from God and we do lot of things to pamper, preserve and prolong it. We admire those who are willing to give up this precious gift for the sake of others, so much that incidents of self-sacrifice often make the news. But there is something more dear than life, and that is the astounding love of God. His love is why we have life—we are his love children. You could say he went to desperate measures to save our lives—out of love so deep, he gave up the life of his own precious son so we can live. Everything is win-win with God—in the end, we get his love and life too!