God gives courage

“‘Don’t be afraid,’ he said. ‘Take courage! I am here!’” (Mark 6:50b, NLT).

When a child is frightened, parents often tell him or her, it’s OK, I’m here. I’ve said it myself, even though I may or may not have been able to change the scary circumstance. A child will calm down simply because of the parent’s presence.

Jesus often told people not to be afraid, even though what was happening around them was quite frightening. In this instance, the disciples were on a boat in a raging storm. They saw what they thought was a ghost coming toward them, which further terrified them. He told them not to worry before he climbed in the boat and calmed the winds, adding “I am here.” We are fearful of many things in life but because we trust in the presence of Jesus, we can take courage and stop being afraid. He will calm the storm and even if he doesn’t, he’s here to talk us through.