God shares his glory

“For he called you to share in his Kingdom and glory” (1 Thessalonians 2:12b, NLT).

Sunrise through the clouds
Sunrise through the clouds (Photo credit: Betchaboy)

Many verses talk about the glory of God, which can be the beauty of his presence or evidence of his power and characteristics. We talk about giving him glory, or the glory of his throne. A couple of good words to describe his glory are effulgence (a brilliant radiance; a shining forth) and refulgence (shining brightly, radiant or gleaming). This all sounds good, but once again our words are inadequate. We could simply say God, all he is and all he does, is absolutely magnificent.

It’s also magnificent that he wants to share his glory, who he is, the wonder of being, the joy, peace, harmony and love of Father, Son and Spirit, with us. This is why he made us, why he “puts up with us,” why he sent his son to live as one of us and also die for us. He didn’t put humanity on this earth for dart practice or to see if we could live up to his high standards. Out of love and the joy of giving, he calls everyone to himself so he can share his life with us.