God’s throne

“Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever. You rule with a scepter of justice” (Psalm 45:6, NLT).

I’ve enjoyed watching the jubilee celebration for Queen Elizabeth. Part of the fascination for me is the history behind it. Kings and queens have been ruling there for over a thousand years, and she is only the second to have such a long reign. Hers will come to an end, as all have and all will.

God is the ruler whose reign will never end. While some (perhaps many) rulers have been and are less than good and just, he alone shows perfect justice and something else sadly lacking in most leaders—love. His throne is full of mercy and grace and we don’t ever need to be afraid he will treat us unfairly or with cruelty. As the Brits sing “God Save the Queen” let us all sing praises to our God, the king whose throne lasts forever!

The Throne of God as painted by Albrecht Dürer.
The Throne of God as painted by Albrecht Dürer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)