How to Treat People

When I became a volunteer with the regional blood bank in Southern California, I had to attend a one-day orientation. We were encouraged to be courteous and helpful to the donors, and to show respect, dignity and compassion to everyone. At times this was more challenging than I expected. People can be difficult!

Those three words are still with me, almost five years later, as this secular organization had somehow boiled down the way to treat people to this short and sweet motto. The New Testament has many “one-another” verses, detailing how to get along, but I find them hard to memorize. Respect, dignity and compassion is easy to remember.

Speakers and authors like to pose the question, “What would your life look like if…?” What if I weren’t afraid? What if I believed God really loves me? What if I trusted him more? What if everyone were to treat all people with respect, dignity and compassion? It’s hard to imagine a world like that because it’s never happened. But one day….