God the timekeeper

“The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know” (Acts 1:7, NLT).

English: Map of 2010 Southern California Earth... Having lived in Southern California for 26 years, I have experienced a few earthquakes, some small and some big, including the Northridge quake which really shook us up. After each one, it seems we’re reminded the Big One could happen at any time—the big earthquake that will wreak havoc all across this part of the state. We’re given tips for being ready and lists of items to have on hand to be prepared. We carry on normally but it’s always in the back of our minds.

The return of Christ could be called the Really Big One. Many have obsessed about it, setting dates, selling their possessions to prepare for it and persuading others to do the same. As with several topics in the Bible, there are at least four views on when it will happen (or when it already happened). The Bible isn’t crystal clear about his return, for a reason. God, who lives outside of time and space, is the Timekeeper here on earth and he is the only one who knows. We can trust him in this and be prepared for whatever happens by holding on to our faith as the Holy Spirit helps and strengthens us. And then we can rest in Christ, knowing the Timekeeper has it all under control.