God the superhero

“Father to the fatherless, defender of widows—this is God, whose dwelling is holy” (Psalm 68:5, NLT).

Movies about comic book characters come to life are big at the box office. We love watching powerful super-human heroes conquer evil and save the world. Children love to pretend they have the powers and can perform amazing daredevil feats and the same good deeds.

This verse almost sounds like a tagline of a movie about a superhero. In reality, God is the biggest superhero of all time. He truly is “Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!” But he is also the gentle one who cares about orphans and widows, who hurts when we hurt and wipes the tears from our eyes. In his son Jesus, the real Superman, he has conquered sin and death and saved the world.